Maxi Puff 800

Maxi Puff 800

An assortment of flavors for a better taste experience.

Recommended retail price: €8.90


caramel pop corn

classic ry4

cola fizz

dragon fruit

energy drink

aloe vera

lemon fizz

mango ice


menthol ice

orange fizz

peach apricot

pineapple ice

pink lemonade

red berries

strawberry ice cream

tropical ice

vanilla custard

watermelon melon

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The Maxi Puff 800 is a single-use Pod providing up to 800 puffs for an extended vaping experience and authentic flavors restoring the original taste.

Its silicone mouthpiece offers an optimal and suitable vaping experience for all consumers.

The Maxi Puff 800 is discreet, light and practical in hand.

It also has a 2ml tank and a 500mAh battery.

The new Maxi Puff in 800 puffs has all the qualities necessary to become a must-have and a best-seller!

Available in 0mg, 10mg and 20mg